Berghof reactor technology - high- and low-pressure reactors, pressure vessels and metal-free reactors

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Easy handling


High level of user safety


Customized instrument solutions

Ideal for syntheses, material testing, catalysis research and customized applications

NR low-pressure reactors, DB metal-free reactors and DAB pressure vessels.
Smart instrument concepts allow an easy handling of all Berghof reactors. Due to helpful tools, opening and closure of the reactors is fast and with few effort. Extensive accessories support an efficient use of the reactors.
Rupture discs as overpressure protection guarantee a high level of user safety. In addition, a forced ventilation of the reactors of the BR, NR and DB series takes place before opening, if necessary.
The modular design of the reactors forms the basis for customized instrument solutions. According to customer request and depending on the application, different types of heating and stirring concepts are available. Furthermore, in addition to the standard armatures for pressure and temperature monitioring, more armatures (i.e. fluid or gas feed) can be fixed on the reactor. Special requirements like ports for electrodes or sensors on the reactor lid can be prepared on request. High-quality PTFE inserts and lid linings for the BR and NR Series and the complete PTFE lining of the DB and DAB series allow the use of highly corrosive reagents.

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