Merquinsa´s TPU shortlisted for "Best Innovation in Bioplastics"

Merquinsa announced it has been shortlisted for the 2nd bioplastics Awards to be held from 5-6 December in Cologne, Germany, in the category of "Best Innovation in Bioplastics". The second Global Bioplastics Awards will be held in conjunction with the 9th Annual Bioplastics Conference. Merquinsa recently revealed it was the first to develop and market elastomers and adhesives thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) product lines made from Renewable Sources under the trademarks Pearlthane® & Pearlbond® ECO. According to the company, these new product lines are the world first TPU ranges to be made from 40% to 95% (by weight) renewable resources, as an alternative to petroleum-based TPU products; and based on a patent pending proprietary technology.

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