BOC Gases wins DuPont Sourcing contracts


Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA, Jan. 29, 2002 -- BOC gases announced that it has been awarded two multi-year contracts by DuPont Sourcing to supply compressed, industrial, and special gases and a variety of eBusiness services to 20 DuPont locations in the northeastern and southeastern United States.

"Obviously we are delighted that DuPont Sourcing selected BOC as its northeastern and southeastern regional supplier," said Chris Cochran, key customer executive, BOC Gases. "Winning one supply contract from a global leader such as DuPont Sourcing would have been noteworthy; winning two is an outstanding accomplishment. Over the past several years, we have worked diligently to build an extensive national supply chain network and an industry-leading eBusiness capability."

"BOC eBusiness transaction improvements being rolled out help automate the entire supply relationship, from order creation through delivery and invoice management and procurement card utilization," said Fulton Wilcox, director of technology business development, BOC Gases. "They also automate fulfillment processes with selected BOC distributors in the Northeast and Southeast regions. These eBusiness transaction processes are not only valuable in themselves, but they set the stage for further process improvement benefits."

"We are working toward achieving two goals for DuPont," Wilcox adds. " One is providing day-to-day service convenience to DuPont, through eBusiness transaction capabilities. The second is accumulating a base of performance information for future process quality analysis, without asking either DuPont or BOC to re-enter data or maintain side systems."

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