Songwon forms a strategic cooperation with Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd. to deliver Organotin Intermediates in Japan


Songwon is pleased to announce the cooperation with Nitto Kasei for the long term supply of Organotin intermediates in Japan. Following a recent agreement between Nitto Kasei and Sankyo Organic chemicals of Japan, who have decided to stop the activities of their chemicals division to produce Organotin stabilizers and catalysts as of April 1st 2008, all production will be transferred to Nitto Kasei.

Songwon, who was previously appointed as the supply partner to Sankyo Organic Chemicals, has signed a long term agreement with Nitto Kasei to support their demand for intermediates, mainly Di-Alkyl Tin Oxide, for the production of tin based PVC stabilizers and catalysts.

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