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Gold Award for LUM-Researchers: The Filtration Society Gold Medal bestowed upon T. Sobisch et al.

During the 10th World Filtration Congress in Leipzig the Gold Medal Award 2007 of The Filtration Society was awarded to T. Sobisch, D. Lerche, T. Detloff (L.U.M. GmbH) and M. Beiser, A. Erk (Universität Karlsruhe) for their outstanding publication "Tracing the Centrifugal Separation of Fine-Particle Slurries by Analytical Centrifugation" (Filtration, Vol. 6, pp. 313-321, 2006).

Titus Sobisch, main author: "Being awarded is a great honour for all of us and at the same time a stimulation to continue the research. There is a high potential of analytical centrifugation as method, we are still at the beginning of exploring it. The analytical characterization of the progressive filtration and separation technology is a challenging task for us, we like to tackle. This can also be seen in further 8 contributions to analytical centrifugation by other congress participants on the World Filtration Congress."

Since its inception in London in 1964, The Filtration Society has awarded the Gold Medal every 2 years to recognize the most significant technical contribution to the knowledge and advancement of filtration and separation process technology.

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