Results on fragrance analysis show 100% compliance with IFRA Standards


Fifty fragranced products have been selected at random from a selection of 462 marketed products from ten different countries and analyzed for IFRA banned ingredients. The analysis is part of the second cycle of the IFRA Compliance program begun in May 2007 and completed in April 2008. This second cycle of testing has shown no IFRA banned substances in any of the products.

The products, which include fine fragrances, body care products and household products were analyzed by an independent body, Institute Battelle of Switzerland and were given the all clear. None of the IFRA banned substances were found present above a level of 0.01%, which is a "no-concern level" and generally considered as the limit of accurate quantification.

Jean-Pierre Houri, IFRA Director General said: "Once again our compliance program has demonstrated that our Standards are adhered to by IFRA members and the fragrance industry at large around the world. Our objective at IFRA is to ensure the safety of fragrance products for the consumer and the environment. This is achieved by thoroughly researching ingredients through the industry's research institute, RIFM, and setting industry policy based on the outcome of exhaustive reviews of the results by REXPAN, an independent panel of experts. Our industry has collectively undertaken the responsibility of enacting this compliance policy to ensure that the IFRA Standards are respected and I am very pleased that the results of the second cycle show 100% compliance."

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