Colombian Fragrance Association joins IFRA


The International Fragrance Association announced that the Colombian fragrance association, Camara de la Industria de Sabores y fragrances (a sector of ANDI - The National Association of Industrialists) has become a full member of IFRA.

The "National Association of Industrialists", ANDI, is one of the biggest and most important industrial associations in Colombia. It was founded in 1944 as a non-profit association. At present it has more than 1000 affiliated companies, covering different industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, textiles, food, cosmetics, papers and metal-working industries among others.

Each sector of the industry is represented by a specialized office, which is denominated as a "Camara". These "Camaras" provide important support to the affiliated companies in their relations with National and International Governments and official authorities as well as providing advice on legal, economic, environmental and social issues.

The association, based in Bogota, includes as members: Givaudan, Firmenich, Lucta, Symrise,IFF, La Tour, Disaromas, Mane Colombia and CPL.

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