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Targeted gene suppression in cancer cells


Diagnosis and treatment in one go: Korean researchers led by Tae Gwan Park and Jinwoo Cheon have developed the basis for a four-in-one agent that can detect, target, and disable tumor cells while also making them macroscopically and microscopically visible. As they report in the journal ...


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Controlling zeolite morphologies


Scientists in Korea control the morphology of zeolites using a structure-directing agent, leading to further understanding of the mechanism involved. Zeolites are widely used as catalysts and absorbents due to their crystalline microporous structures. The aluminosilicate structures can be ...


Dow Corning Selects JinCheon, Korea as Site for Solar Solutions Application Center


Dow Corning Corp. has selected JinCheon, Korea as the site for further expansion of its solar business with the development of a second Solar Solutions Application Center. The facility will enable engineers and scientists to work with customers to develop, evaluate, and pilot materials solutions ...


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Fluorescent fingerprints


Latent fingerprints at the scene of a crime can give vital clues in a criminal investigation. Giseop Kwak and colleagues from Kyungpook National University, in Korea, have successfully developed a technique to detect fingerprints in a convenient and non-destructive manner. Kwak and colleagues ...


Polymer support for organocatalysts


Korean scientists have developed a promising polymer supported organocatalyst which is adjustable for industrial use. Choon Eui Song and colleagues at Sungkyunkwan University and AmorePacific Corporation have prepared a highly enantioselective and indefinitely stable polymer-supported ...


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Solvents causing a swell

Controlled release of fluorescent dye from swelling nanocapsules is leading the way in stimuli-responsive materials


Korean scientists have developed solvent-responsive polymer nanocapsules. Kimoon Kim and co-workers from Pohang University of Science and Technology and Korea University, Seoul, found that these nanocapsules swelled or deswelled in response to a change in the solvent mixture. The swelling led ...


Cray Valley opens a new training center in Asia


To strengthen its service to the composite industry, Cray Valley is opening a third demonstration and training center in the world, located in South Korea. After North-America and Europe it’s now the Asian continent that will benefit from Cray Valley’s experience. An opening ceremony will take ...


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Creating chiral carbons


South Korean scientists have developed a racemisation-resistant substrate that can be selectively alkylated to make new chiral carbon centres. Although there are many ways to make chiral carbon centres by alkylating carbonyl compounds, until now scientists have been unable to asymmetrically ...


BASF to change PolyTHF feedstock supply in Korea

Shutdown of local BDO and THF production


BASF plans to permanently close its production facility for 1,4-butanediol (BDO) and tetrahydrofuran (THF) in Ulsan, which has been temporarily shut down since August 2008, and the company will continue to supply related customers via its global network. BASF’s PolyTHF plant in Ulsan will ...


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