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'Microfluidic palette' may paint clearer picture of biological processes


The masterpieces that spring from the talents of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and other artists often begin with the creation of a gradient of colors on a palette. In a similar manner, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have created an innovative device called the ...


Magnetic gold and nickel nanorods for the separation of biomolecules


Little rods made of nickel and gold sound like something from a jeweler's shop, but with an average diameter of only about 330 nanometers, the rods in this case are far too small to make fashionable jewelry. Why then have Chad A. Mirkin and his team at Northwestern University in Evanston (USA) ...


High-throughput process for the optimization of crystallization conditions for proteins


The spatial structure of a protein is critical to its function and is therefore of special interest to bioscientists. The difficulty is this: in order to determine the structure by X-ray structural analysis, a crystal is required. Many proteins are difficult to crystallize, requiring the use ...


Low Cost Chemical Agent Detection


Monitoring equipment currently used to detect nerve agents and toxic chemicals are expensive, high maintenance, and require specialized training. Safety Solutions of Boynton Beach, FL has developed the HazMat Smart-Strip, a badge that changes color when exposed to toxic agents. It is being sold ...


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