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Fine chemical processes safer and more efficient with new type of reactor developed at Eindhoven University of Technology


Researcher Marco Meeuwse of Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a unique chemical reactor, the ‘spinning disc reactor’. This is a cylinder containing a rotor that increases the safety and efficiency of chemical production processes involving gases, liquids and solids through its very ...


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Turbulence around heat transport


Not only in the Earth's mantle, in the atmosphere and in the outer layers of the Sun, but also in a chemical reactor, the exchange of heat may not be as effective as originally thought. There, because warm fluid rises and hence induces movement, the turbulent convection can be 100 billion times ...


Tiny bubbles clean oil from water

New method targets oil sheen, other pollutants


Small amounts of oil leave a fluorescent sheen on polluted water. Oil sheen is hard to remove, even when the water is aerated with ozone or filtered through sand. Now, a University of Utah engineer has developed an inexpensive new method to remove oil sheen by repeatedly pressurizing and ...


Right first time: Pioneering new methods of drug manufacture


Engineers at the University of Leeds have developed a simple technology which can be used in existing chemical reactors to ensure "right first time" drug crystal formation. Ensuring drug crystals are formed correctly is crucial to their efficacy and the efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturers' ...


Introducing the next generation of chemical reactors


Unique nanostructures which respond to stimuli, such as pH, heat and light will pave the way for safer, greener and more efficient chemical reactors. Being developed by a consortium of UK universities, the nanostructures can regulate reactions, momentum, and heat and mass transfer inside chemical ...


Syrris Appointed as North American Distributor of Lara and Coflux Product Lines


Syrris Inc. have been appointed distributors of the Lara Controlled Lab Reactor (CLR) and the Coflux reaction monitoring and calorimetry system in North America. The Lara CLR is a flexible and modular chemical reactor that is both affordable and highly automated. It can accommodate variable ...


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