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Superconductivity at room temperature soon?

Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors


Physicists at Leipzig University have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings the research group led by Professor Jürgen Haase one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow ...


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Crystals Generate Electricity from Heat

A synthetic sulfide mineral with thermoelectric properties


To convert heat into electricity, easily accessible materials from harmless raw materials open up new perspectives in the development of safe and inexpensive so-called thermoelectric materials. A synthetic copper mineral acquires a complex structure and microstructure through simple changes in ...


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New material will make locally flexible diodes possible

Temperature changes material characteristics: Researchers find new material with significant potential for electronics applications


Diodes allow directed flows of current. Without them, modern electronics would be inconceivable. Until now, they had to be made out of two materials with different characteristics. A research team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now discovered a material that makes it possible to ...


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Wrapping of nanosize copper cubes can help convert carbon dioxide into other chemicals


Researchers found a new way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by wrapping copper nanocubes with an organic layer, solving instability and selectivity problems with copper nanocubes in catalysis, and improving how this electrocatalyst converts CO2 into organic molecules. As the need to ...


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New method correlates atomic force microscopy with the function of single-atom catalysts

Researchers study catalytic activity of copper atoms


Fuel cells convert chemical reaction energy into electric power and heat. They are used, for example for the development of electric vehicles, in aviation and aeronautics or for sustainable energy supplies. During the conversion of energy, the catalytic reduction of oxygen plays an important ...


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Caught in the act: Key chemical intermediates in pollutant-to-fuel reaction identified

Such work will help convert an atmospheric pollutant into fuel for vehicles, and chemical feedstocks for industry


Researchers from the University of Tsukuba and collaborating partners experimentally measured hydrogenation of metal-adsorbed formate. This development will facilitate practical conversion of carbon dioxide pollutant into methanol fuel. Carbon dioxide pollution continues to change the global ...


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Scientists solve mystery about catalysis for green production of methanol from carbon dioxide

Live view into methanol synthesis


An international research team led by researchers of Stockholm University has for the first time been able to study the surface of a copper-zinc catalyst when carbon dioxide is reduced to methanol. The results – obtained at DESY´s brilliant light source PETRAIII – are published in the scientific ...


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Copper is effective against Sars-Cov-2 on surfaces – silver is not

Silver nanopatches leave the virus unimpressed


Copper and silver are known for their antibacterial properties. Researchers from Bochum have explored their effectiveness against viruses. Silver and copper ions wipe out many pathogens. That’s why implants and medical instruments, for example, are coated with these metals. Researchers from ...


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Rice process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater

Ruthenium and copper catalyze a more environmentally friendly way to produce essential chemical


A dash ofrutheniumatoms on a mesh of copper nanowires could be one step toward a revolution in the global ammonia industry that also helps the environment. Collaborators at Rice University’sGeorge R. Brown School of Engineering,Arizona State Universityand Pacific Northwest National ...


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Copper-silver-gold nanostructure gives carbon-capture-and-utilization a boost

“We thought if two metals were producing good results, then perhaps three metals would be even better”


Chemists have developed a nano-scale structure that combines copper, gold and silver to work as a superior catalyst in a chemical reaction whose improved performance will be essential if carbon capture and utilization efforts are to succeed in helping to mitigate global warming. In the face of ...


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