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Scientists to produce suberabsorbents from CO2

CaRLa research lab and hte AG are to cooperate with academic partners on a publicly funded Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) project


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has pledged €2.2 million in funds for a project by the BASF-supported Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa) and hte AG, a company in which BASF has a majority interest. The goal of the project, which takes place with the cooperation of ...


Merck and the University of Freiburg Announce Research Cooperation for Electric Battery Materials


Merck KGaA and the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg announced the commencement of a project to develop and manufacture new battery materials. Fundamentally new conducting salts for lithium-ion batteries to power hybrid and electric vehicles are to be developed in the Merck Battery Materials ...


Linde to build industrial-scale air separation units for steel manufacturer TISCO in China


The technology group The Linde Group has won a deal to build two industrial-scale air separation units for the steel corporation Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) at its Taiyuan site in the northern province of Shanxi in China. The contract, recently closed by both parties, places a ...


Saltigo focuses on palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

Nobel Prize-winning chemistry in industrial use


Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions have become an important cornerstone of modern organic synthesis chemistry. They have made a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, natural substances and other complex organic molecules economically accessible. The award of this year's ...


First industrial-scale MOF synthesis

New opportunities for gas storage for alternative propulsion systems


Natural gas-powered vehicles may soon be able to travel double the distance on a single tank – due to metal organic frameworks (MOFs). BASF research scientists have developed a method for solvent-free industrial-scale manufacture of those materials for better gas storage. MOFs produced by the new ...


Turbo test for chemical catalysts

Prof. Ferdi Schüth (MPI für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim), Dr. Dirk Demuth and Dr. Wolfram Stichert (hte AG, Heidelberg) have been nominated for the award “Deutscher Zukunftspreis“


Thanks to a process developed by Prof. Dr. Ferdi Schüth, Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim (Germany), and the scientists and technologists of hte Aktiengesellschaft in Heidelberg (Germany) headed by Dr. Dirk Demuth and Dr. Wolfram Stichert, the search for new and ...


Enerkem Announces Construction Start of World’s First Municipal Waste-to-Biofuels Facility in Edmonton, Alberta


Enerkem Inc. held a groundbreaking ceremony to signify the start of construction of its municipal waste-to-biofuels facility with its partners, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta. Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel and Enerkem Chief Executive Officer ...


Non-covalent chiral organocatalysis uses water as a solvent


The first example of Brønsted acid asymmetric catalysis in aqueous solution is reported by Magnus Rueping and Thomas Theissman at Aachen University, Germany. Using a chiral phosphoric acid catalyst Rueping demonstrates highly enantioselective hydrogenation of quinolines in water, a reaction ...


KSB equips bio diesel plant in Sweden


The end of May 2010 saw the start-up of a plant in Piteå, northern Sweden, which uses wood to produce engine fuel. The plant utilises a new process developed by a Swedish company to make diesel from so-called tall oil. Large quantities of this oil are obtained as a by-product in the industrial ...


Reactor simulation takes EFCE prize


Maarten Sabbe, a chemical engineering PhD student at the University of Gent in Belgium has been awarded the 2010 EFCE Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering. Sabbe won the award for his PhD thesis, Ab initio based kinetic modelling for the simulation of industrial chemical processes. ...


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