01-Nov-2010 - Linde AG

Linde to build industrial-scale air separation units for steel manufacturer TISCO in China

The technology group The Linde Group has won a deal to build two industrial-scale air separation units for the steel corporation Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) at its Taiyuan site in the northern province of Shanxi in China. The contract, recently closed by both parties, places a total investment figure of around EUR 100 million on the project. The project will be managed by the 50/50 gases joint venture set up by Linde and TISCO, BOC-TISCO Gases.

Linde's Engineering Division will construct the two new air separation units (ASUs) for BOC-TISCO Gases. With an hourly capacity of 60,000 normal cubic metres (Nm3/h) of gaseous oxygen per plant, they rank among the largest and most modern ASUs in China. The new air separators will thus supply the steelworks with a more energy-efficient flow of gaseous oxygen. Over the coming years, the new units will double oxygen capacity from around 110,000 Nm3/h today to a new total of 220,000 Nm3/h.

TISCO operates one of the world's largest integrated industrial complexes in Taiyuan. This latest investment to evolve the gas supply facilities falls under the umbrella of TISCO's multifaceted modernisation strategy aimed at improving the energy efficiency of its production plants. The company wants to balance future growth with energy conservation and an improved CO2 balance.

In addition to building the new ASUs, Linde will also be delivering various oxyfuel-enabled gas applications for different furnace processes. With oxyfuel, combustion air in the furnace is replaced with oxygen-enriched air or pure oxygen. This increases furnace throughput, also cutting fuel consumption and emissions.

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