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POWTECH 2023: A flying start with new themes and technologies

Trade Fair to expressly include the processing and handling of fluids


POWTECH is getting off to a flying start. The Leading International Processing Trade Fair will take place in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 September 2023 – almost exactly a year after POWTECH 2022. Once again, more than 700 exhibitors from many countries will draw a large attendance of regional and ...


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A nanoscale view of bubble formation

A new model now describes the boiling process with much greater precision


When a liquid boils in a vessel, tiny vapor bubbles form at the bottom and rise, transferring heat in the process. How these small bubbles grow and eventually detach was previously not known in any great detail. A German-Chinese research team under the leadership of the Helmholtz-Zentrum ...


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New aspects of surface wetting revealed

Findings may thus enable developing new strategies for surface processing


When a surface is getting wet, also the composition of the liquid plays a role in the wetting process. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPI-DS) found that phase separation within the wetting liquid directly affects the dynamics of spreading. Their ...


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Graphene scientists capture first images of atoms ‘swimming’ in liquid


Graphene scientists from The University of Manchester have created a novel ‘nano-petri dish’ using two-dimensional (2D) materials to create a new method of observing how atoms move in liquid Publishing in the journal, Nature,the team led by researchers based at the National Graphene Institute ...


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Novel method examines the gas-liquid interface in new detail

Novel molecular beam scattering apparatus that uses a liquid flat jet can study chemical reactions at the gas liquid interface of volatile liquids


The interface between gases and liquids is found throughout nature. It is also important to many industrial processes. To improve understanding of the gas-liquid interface, researchers have developed an apparatus to study reactions between gas molecules and highly volatile liquids with new levels ...


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Potential energy surfaces of water mapped for the first time

A better understanding of the chemistry of water


Liquids are more difficult to describe than gases or crystalline solids. An HZB team has now mapped the potential energy surfaces of water molecules in liquid water under ambient conditions for the first time at the Swiss Light Source SLS of the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. This ...


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More than a coffee ring

Researchers develop method that promotes uniform drying of particle-containing liquids


What do coffee, red wine and ink have in common? The stubborn stains they leave behind. Anyone who has ever knocked over a cup of coffee will know that coffee dries in an unusual pattern, the stain is lighter at the center but it gets darker around the perimeter, an effect known as the coffee ...


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Models for molecules show unexpected physics

Rice engineers show spinning magnetic particles surprisingly follow thermodynamic laws


Small spheres suspended in a liquid move enough like molecules that the physics for one can be used to mimic the physics of the other. That’s why the discovery of some unusual physics incolloids-- particles dispersed in a solution such asmilk, for example-- could be of interest to ...


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Why some bubbles move faster

Why do large gas bubbles in viscoelastic liquids rise so much faster than expected?


An open question with great relevance for industrial production processes. Researchers at TU Graz and TU Darmstadt have now found an explanation. It is a puzzle long known among experts and very relevant in many industrial production processes: a jump discontinuity in the rise velocity of gas ...


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Detailed insights into the composition of organic liquids

Startup trinamiX expands NIR spectroscopy portfolio by transmission solution


trinamiX GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, is presenting the latest addition to their pioneering portfolio: A portable solution to grant institutions and companies immediate insights into the molecular composition of liquids. trinamiX has once more successfully transformed the ...


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