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Pooling European competence in the development of world-class next-generation batteries

Networking for top performance


New battery technologies that are affordable and sustainable over the entire life cycle are crucial to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal. As part of the EU project TwinVECTOR, the centre of excellence at the Tomas Bata University (TBU) in Zlín, Czech Republic, is to be expanded ...


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New strategy suggested for ultra-long cycle Li-ion battery

Researchers successfully prepared a high-performance cathode material for lithium rich manganese based lithium ion batteries


In recent years, lithium ion batteries have been widely used in many fields. Compared with traditional lithium ion battery cathode materials, more lithium ions in lithium rich manganese based cathode materials of unit mass participate in energy storage. However, in the process of battery ...


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Novel preparation of next-generation anode delivers boost to lithium-ion batteries


The hunt for the next generation of materials for anodes in lithium-ion batteries has long suffered from a series of parasitic chemical reactions for many of the proposed replacements for the graphite thatis conventionally used. A novel preparation technique for a silicon-monoxide-carbon ...


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Putting the brakes on lithium-ion batteries to prevent fires

New technology could make Li-ion batteries safer without having to sacrifice their performance


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used to power everything from smart watches to electric vehicles, thanks to the large amounts of energy they can store in small spaces. When overheated, however, they’re prone to catching fire or even exploding. But recent research published in ACS’ Nano Letters ...


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cylib closes €3.6M Seed round to revolutionize battery recycling

"Today’s battery production is not green. With our recycling process we enable the future production of sustainable battery cells"


The RWTH Aachen University spin-off cylib has received a €3.6 million capital injection to make the recycling of lithium-ion batteries more efficient and environmentally friendly. With its unique technology, cylib will help close the growing recycling gap in the European battery market. CEO ...


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Battery Market Study: Efficiency and Sustainability are the Most Important Trends

Asia still leading in research and development by a wide margin


In the coming years, the global battery market will be shaped primarily by the factors of sustainability, the availability of raw materials, the growing number of electric cars, and the desire for ever more powerful batteries. Because demand is unbroken, manufacturers are constantly expanding ...


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Water for drinking? Nope, water for batteries

Imagine not having a battery for three hours


Can we survive three minutes without air or three days without water? How about without batteries? Lightweight, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, laptops, and other necessities in today’s world. However, the organic electrolytes in conventional lithium-ion ...


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Innovative graphite recycling awarded as top European innovation

Anna Vanderbruggen receives the EIT CHANGE Award for her revolutionary graphite extraction method which could decrease the environmental footprint of battery production


Each year, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) celebrates the entrepreneurial and societal achievements of its innovators. They are honored with the EIT Awards in four categories: CHANGE, Innovators, Venture and Women Leadership. Anna Vanderbruggen received the CHANGE Award ...


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How a common additive gives lithium-ion batteries a boost

Researchers have identified what makes a common electrolyte additive so effective at improving the performance of batteries using a lithium cobalt oxide cathode


Nitriles—an organic compound with a carbon atom triple-bonded to a nitrogen atom—are commonly added to the electrolyte formula for batteries using a lithium cobalt oxide cathode, making such batteries come much closer to realizing their full theoretical performance. Until now, battery researchers ...


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Chemical additives improve stability of high-density lithium-ion batteries


As our need for high-density batteries increases with widespread adoption of electric cars and alternative energy sources, improving the stability and capacity of lithium-ion batteries is a necessity. Current lithium-ion battery technology, which often uses nickel, is less stable at extreme ...


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