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Researchers develop catalyst for sustainable production of important chemical precursors

Outstanding selectivity is coupled with an unusually high efficiency


The alpha-olefins, consisting of carbon and hydrogen, are the most important precursors in the chemical industry. Researchers at the University of Bayreuth present a discovery in the journal “Science” that opens up previously unimagined prospects for the design and the selective as well as ...


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How sugar-loving microbes could help power future cars

Genetically engineered E. coli eat glucose, then help turn it into molecules found in gasoline


It sounds like modern-day alchemy: Transforming sugar into hydrocarbons found in gasoline. But that’s exactly what scientists have done. In a study in Nature Chemistry, researchers report harnessing the wonders of biology and chemistry to turn glucose (a type of sugar) into olefins (a type of ...


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Fine-tuned hydrocarbon separation at low energy cost

Metal organic framework membranes that selectively separate hydrocarbons set the stage for more sustainable petrochemical processes


An electrochemical approach developed at KAUST produces molecular-sieving membranes that could enable a cheap energy-efficient separation of light hydrocarbons, such as olefins and paraffins. This separation, critical for the petrochemical industry, usually relies on extremely energy-intensive ...


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Neutrons optimize high efficiency catalyst for greener approach to biofuel synthesis


Researchers led by the University of Manchester have designed a catalyst that converts biomass into fuel sources with remarkably high efficiency and offers new possibilities for manufacturing advanced renewable materials. Neutron scattering experiments at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge ...


Greener molecular intermediates may aid drug design


Scientists at Rice University have simplified their approach to synthesize a highly versatile family of precursors en route to biologically active compounds. Their method should make drug design and development cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Synthetic chemist László Kürti and ...


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Metal-ion catalysts and hydrogen peroxide could green up plastics production


Researchers at the University of Illinois are contributing to the development of more environmentally friendly catalysts for the production of plastic and resin precursors that are often derived from fossil fuels. The key to their technique comes from recognizing the unique physical and chemical ...


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A more energy-efficient catalytic process to produce olefins


Research at the University of Pittsburgh led to a more energy-efficient catalytic process to produce olefins, the building blocks for polymer production. The team's investigations could influence potential applications in diverse technology areas from green energy and sustainable chemistry to ...


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Nickel: A greener route to fatty acids


Chemists designed a nickel catalyst that easily transforms petroleum feedstocks into valuable compounds like fatty acids. The process is environmentally friendly: not only it works at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, but also recycles carbon dioxide, contributing to the fight against ...


E-selective macrocyclic ring-closing metathesis


Using ring-closing metathesis to exploit the properties of carbon-carbon double bonds, researchers from Boston College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new catalytic approach for the preparation of compounds essential to drug discovery. The catalyst, which contains ...


Chevron Phillips Chemical studying NAO expansion at Cedar Bayou Plant


Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP announced it is studying the possibility of expanding its normal alpha olefins (NAO) capacity – targeting at least a 20 percent increase in a phased approach – at its Cedar Bayou Chemical Complex in Baytown and the company has filed the necessary ...


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