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Wind turbine blades could someday be recycled into sweet treats

New turbine material by combining glass fibers with a plant-derived polymer and a synthetic one


Wind power is an increasingly popular form of renewable energy. However, when it’s time to replace the huge turbine blades that convert wind into electricity, disposal is a problem. Now, scientists report a new composite resin suitable for making these behemoths that could later be recycled into ...


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Molecular assemblies heal epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide


Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have made a breakthrough in the way one can control the charge carrier density in graphene. They have discovered a novel method to dope graphene over large areas that enables the study of the physics at the Dirac point, where graphene is ...


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New method increases energy density in lithium batteries


Yuan Yang, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Columbia Engineering, has developed a new method to increase the energy density of lithium (Li-ion) batteries. He has built a trilayer structure that is stable even in ambient air, which makes the battery both longer lasting ...


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New research could help build better fighter planes and space shuttles


Thousands bound together are still thinner than a single strand of human hair, but with research from Binghamton University, boron nitride nanotubes may help build better fighter planes and space shuttles. A team of scientists led by Changhong Ke, associate professor of mechanical engineering at ...


Arkema announces a project to divest its Sunclear subsidiary


Arkema plans to divest its Sunclear subsidiary, its plastic and aluminium sheet distribution business, to BF Invest, a historical commercial partner of Sunclear. This project is consistent with its program to divest €700 million sales aimed at pursuing the Group’s strategy to refocus on its core ...


Altuglas International increase prices for its acrylic sheet and blocks


Effective May 13th 2015, Altuglas International, subsidiary of Arkema Group, will increase by +6% the prices of its PMMA Sheet and Blocks in Europe, Middle East and Africa marketed under the brand name of Altuglas® and Oroglas®.The price revision is the result of the continuous raw materials ...


Altuglas International increases prices for its PMMA acrylic resins


Altuglas International, subsidiary of Arkema group, announced an increase of 120 Euros per metric ton for PMMA resins marketed under the Altuglas® trademark in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This price increase will be applicable to all deliveries from July 1st 2014. The price revision is ...


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Researchers use improved nanogenerators to power sensors based on zinc oxide nanowires

Self-powered nanosensors


By combining a new generation of piezoelectric nanogenerators with two types of nanowire sensors, researchers have created what are believed to be the first self-powered nanometer-scale sensing devices that draw power from the conversion of mechanical energy. The new devices can measure the pH of ...


Arkema: Proposed consolidation of the Methyl Methacrylate / Polymethyl Methacrylate activity


Arkema and its subsidiary Altuglas International presented to their respective Central Works Councils plans for the reorganization of both the Arkema Carling site and the Altuglas International PMMA Sheet business. Arkema produces methyl methacrylate (MMA) at its European sites of Carling ...


New PMMA plant of Degussa and Forhouse goes onstream in Taiwan

Growth market PMMA molding compounds for flat-panel displays


RAG subsidiary Degussa GmbH has started up a new production facility for PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) molding compounds in Taichung, Taiwan, together with its joint venture partner Forhouse Corporation. Degussa holds a 51 percent share and Forhouse a 49 percent share in the joint venture ...


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