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The AETX files: Work to unravel widespread bald eagle fatalities gathers pace

Scientists succeed in totally synthesizing eagle killer venom


This March, the discovery of the toxic natural substance aetocthonotoxin (AETX) attracted huge media attention. In a study published in Science, pharmacists from Halle University proved the role of this substance in triggering mass species extinctions among American bald eagles and other birds of ...


Researchers first to link silicon atoms on surfaces

First time to produce a silicon polymer


A team consisting of various working groups from the fields of chemistry and physics are now the first to have linked silicon atoms on surfaces. From silicon polymers, the researchers hope for innovative material properties and new, promising candidates for potential applications. Materials such ...


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Big data and synthetic chemistry could fight climate change and pollution

Chemists look to the future of materials design


Scientists at the University of South Carolina and Columbia University have developed a faster way to design and make gas-filtering membranes that could cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution. Their new method, published in Science Advances, mixes machine learning with synthetic ...


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Largest Synthetic Polysaccharide Assembled

Linear 100-mer polysaccharide within 188 hours


Chemists at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Potsdam, Germany) have set a milestone by preparing the two largest carbohydrates ever assembled. Using an Automated Glycan Assembly (AGA) instrument originally developed at the institute they prepared a linear 100-mer and achieved ...


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Artificial enzymes convert solar energy into hydrogen gas


In a new scientific article, researchers at Uppsala University describe how, using a completely new method, they have synthesised an artificial enzyme that functions in the metabolism of living cells. These enzymes can utilize the cell's own energy, and thereby enable hydrogen gas to be produced ...


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More efficient and cheaper synthetic fuels with 3D printing


Co-electrolysis is a new and very efficient way of producing synthetic fuels and chemicals from CO2 and water. Diesel and petrol cars as well as trucks, airplanes, and ships could run on such fuels in a climate neutral manner. They can also be used as energy storage systems, which could help ...


Catalysts combination opens doors to making useful compounds


Researchers have developed a new method that aids in the process of making valuable compounds by using a unique combination of catalysts. Huimin Zhao, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and leader of the Biosystems Design research theme at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic ...


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Slick solution for oil spills set to clean up


Polluted beaches, oily water, dead birds and marine life destruction caused by crude oil spills could be a thing of the past with pioneering new research led by Flinders University. An exciting, more sustainable answer to effectively clean up oil spill destruction follows development of a new way ...


Biocatalysts are a bridge to greener, more powerful chemistry


New research from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute is building a bridge from nature's chemistry to greener, more efficient synthetic chemistry. Researchers in the lab of Alison Narayan analyzed biocatalysts evolved by nature for their effectiveness in a variety of synthetic ...


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Biocatalysis gives access to novel substance classes and elusive species

Novel Manich catalysts and bicyclic carboxylic acid esters synthesised


The application of Enzymicals recombinant pig liver isoenzymes (rPLE) enables the synthesis of novel, optical pure diastereomers of substituted proline, which shows activity as anti-Mannich catalyst. Additionally, rPLE is the key for successful production of a previously unavailable bicyclic ...


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