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AQ700 - A Discrete Analyser with high throuput and walk away time

Advanced robotics for faster standard and sample preparation/hour ✓ Fastest start-up with the most automation and flexibility ✓ Highest capacity - more samples and more reagents equal longer walk-away time ✓ more

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  • New 'Swiss Army knife' cleans up water pollution

    Phosphate pollution in rivers, lakes and other waterways has reached dangerous levels, causing algae blooms that starve fish and aquatic plants of oxygen. Meanwhile, farmers worldwide are coming to terms with a dwindling reserve of phosphate fertilizers that feed half the world's food supply. Inspir more

  • New research shows how complex chemistry may be relevant to origins of life on Earth

    Chemists have long sought to understand the origins of life, with one popular model suggesting life began when simple RNA molecules capable of copying themselves formed spontaneously in the primitive environment. How this happened exactly is fraught with difficulties. New research by a team of chemi more

  • Researchers are Developing Fast-Charging Solid-State Batteries

    There are currently great hopes for solid-state batteries. They contain no liquid parts that could leak or catch fire. For this reason, they do not require cooling and are considered to be much safer, more reliable, and longer lasting than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Jülich scientists have no more

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Phosphate A phosphate, in inorganic chemistry , is a salt of phosphoric acid . In organic chemistry , a phosphate, or organophosphate , is an ester of phosphoric acid. Phosphates are important in biochemistry and biogeochemistry . Chemical ... more


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