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BK Giulini Argentina S.A., Argentina


Prayon Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Prayon Deutschland GmbH is the sales office of Prayon SA the Belgium producer of inorganic phosphor based chemicals more

Connect Chemicals GmbH, Germany

"Join resources, build solutions"​ Connect Chemicals is a global Producer, Distributor and Supplier of Specialty Chemicals. Our headquarter is based in Ratingen, Germany and we also operate 11 sales offices globally alongside production facilities in China. Connect Chemicals supplies a wide range o more

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AQ700 - A Discrete Analyser with high throuput and walk away time

Advanced robotics for faster standard and sample preparation/hour ✓ Fastest start-up with the most automation and flexibility ✓ Highest capacity - more samples and more reagents equal longer walk-away time ✓ more

News Phosphate

  • First UK study of synthetic chemicals found in food

    The first comprehensive assessment of common synthetic chemicals found in UK foods has been completed by researchers at the University of Birmingham. In the study, nearly 400 food samples were tested for evidence of organophosphate esters (OPEs) – chemicals used as flame retardants in furnishings an more

  • Scientists develop a method to turn hazardous acidic industrial wastewater into valuable resources

    A research team of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev environmental scientists has developed a circular process for eliminating the risk posed by phosphoric acid plant wastewater. The process turns the environmentally toxic wastewater into clean water while recovering valuable acids. Phosphoric acid more

  • New 'Swiss Army knife' cleans up water pollution

    Phosphate pollution in rivers, lakes and other waterways has reached dangerous levels, causing algae blooms that starve fish and aquatic plants of oxygen. Meanwhile, farmers worldwide are coming to terms with a dwindling reserve of phosphate fertilizers that feed half the world's food supply. Inspir more

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Phosphate A phosphate, in inorganic chemistry , is a salt of phosphoric acid . In organic chemistry , a phosphate, or organophosphate , is an ester of phosphoric acid. Phosphates are important in biochemistry and biogeochemistry . Chemical ... more


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