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  • Covestro sells business unit in North America

    Plaskolite announced that it is acquiring the North American polycarbonate sheet manufacturing business of Covestro. The acquisition transforms the North American sheet industry by combining the leader in acrylic manufacturing and the leader in polycarbonate manufacturing. As a part of the transacti more

  • Plastic made of sugar and carbon dioxide

    Some biodegradable plastics could in the future be made using sugar and carbon dioxide, replacing unsustainable plastics made from crude oil, following research by scientists from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath. Polycarbonate is used to make drinks more

  • New approach captures the energy of slow motion

    A new concept in energy harvesting could capture energy currently wasted due to its characteristic low frequency and use it to power next-generation electronic devices, according to a team of Penn State materials scientists and electrical engineers. The project, funded by Samsung, designed a mechani more

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Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Physical Properties Density (ρ) 1200-1220 kg/m³ Abbe number (V) 34.0 Refractive index (n) 1.584-6 Flammability V0-V2 Limiting oxygen index25-27% Water absorption - Equilibrium (ASTM) 0.16-0.35% Water absorption ... more


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