Fully Automated Segmented Flow Analysis - All You Need to Do Is Start It

Ideal for Nutrient Analysis in the Environmental, Water, Seawater, Agricultural & Fertilizer Markets

The SEAL AA500 incorporates automation previously unseen in Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers, with true automated start up, automated standard preparation and dilution, and true automated shutdown. The computer controlled automatic pump platen engage and release with AACE intelligent software performs an automatic start up and shutdown. This includes turning on/off the pump, engaging/releasing the platen on/off the pump tubes, and a valve controlled reagent/wash program. With the SEAL AA500 you have an analyzer with total automation.

Featuring Innovation & Intelligent Technologies

  • Ultra-low detection limits
  • Total automatic start up & shutdown including platen release and self-wash
  • Auto standards and dilution
  • Easy reagent management with auto level sensing
  • Multi-test manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes
  • New, all-in-one housing design is both compact and modular
  • Easy to upgrade
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