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Single Device for Multi-Analyte Measurements in a Single Sample

The Top 3 Advantages

Measure important analytes in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility.


Simply exchange the optical sensor head, choose between different analytes and sensor formats.


One Device for O2, pH and Temperature-Many Applications in Life Sciences

Optical pH & Oxygen & Temperature Meter

The new compact FireSting-PRO is a PC-controlled (USB) fiber-optic multi-analyte meter, which can be combined with all optical O2, pH, and temperature sensors from PyroScience.

Each optical channel is freely configurable for several analytes and sensor types. These range from microsensors (50 µm tip) to robust probes (3 mm tip), and include diverse smart contactless sensor solutions (for measurements in closed systems and microfluidics), as well as sensors for different O2 and pH ranges.

The new FireSting-PRO features smart measurement modes for prolonged sensor lifetime and automatic temperature compensation of the optical sensor measurements in samples with varying temperatures.

Several FireSting-PRO devices can be simply operated with a single PC in a single Pyro Workbench window, offering scalable fiber-optic multi-parameter sensor systems with e.g. 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels.

It has never been easier to measure important parameters in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility concerning analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range.

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