Generate up to 30 L/min of analytically pure air yourself – for stable baseline GC-FID applications

The Top 3 Advantages

Efficient: provides analytically pure air 24/7 at the push of a button


Cost-effective: affordable and safe alternative to high-pressure cylinders


Space-saving: fits into every laboratory as tabletop or built-in unit, no need for long tubing

Increase the sensitivity of your GC-FID analysis while reducing costs

Whether you need hydrocarbon-free air (<0.1 ppm total hydrocarbons) or synthetic air free of CO2, water vapor or CO / SO2 / NOx / O3, the Zero Air Generators continuously provide optimal gas purity levels for consistent and reproducible analysis results. Benefit from uninterrupted analyses – there’s no time-consuming replacement of high-pressure cylinders and subsequent recalibrations of your gas chromatographs. At the push of a button you can easily supply up to 75 GC-FIDs with analytically pure air, pre-filtered to 5 microns from compressed air and purified using catalytic combustion technology.

The Zero Air Generators are designed for durability and minimal maintenance – there are no moving parts and the gas is treated at low pressure and room temperature, which spares the catalyzer.

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