All-In-One Front End Nano HPLC for Your Mass Spectrometer

VICI Nanovolume Pump/Injector

The VICI Nanovolume® pump/injector is an all-in-one front end nano-HPLC for your mass spectrometer. With true nano-scale fittings (360 µm) and extremely low flow rates (down to 1 nl/min), this system provides split free injections as close to the detector as possible.

Because the closer you get to the detector, the shorter the tubing, and therefore the faster the analysis. Flow rate resolution is up to 1400 steps/µl. Available in isocratic and gradient versions, this system is your "ONLY" answer for true nano-scale chromatography.

Lower Dead Volume

  • 360 micron fittings provide absolute zero dead volume connections for higher efficiency columns
  • Use smaller particles for packing

Low Flow Rates

  • No need to split before the detector
  • Low mobile phase consumption

Compact System

  • Entire chromatographic system in small footprint
  • Only weighs a few pounds
  • Avoid long transfer lines to detector
  • Minimal upkeep

The VICI Nanovolume pump/injector is the fastest, smallest, most efficient HPLC at an extremely attractive price.

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