Accurate and Safe Determination of 1 ppm to 100 % Water Content in Liquids, Solids and Gases

The Top 3 Advantages

No hazardous emissions due to the closed-loop gas circulation – permanent drying - no auxiliary gas


Reduced costs and chemical waste due to the efficient use of commercial Karl Fischer reagents


Analyses according to standards of ASTM, EN, ISO with high sample throughput – also automatable

ECH analysis systems offer flexibility, cost efficiency, simple operation with no sample preparation

You save money and time with ECH Karl Fischer Titrators. You do not need any additional equipment and no auxiliary gas for drying and rinsing. Commercially available Karl Fischer reagents are suitable and can be exploit up to the capacity limit. Sample preparation and calibration are not required. The devices are easy to use. The measurements are carried out quickly and can be easily automated (according to the model).

The flexible AQUA 40.00 Vario analyses all types of samples directly in a closed headspace vial (2 R to 50 R). The instrument has variable heating programms and an auto sampler in the version PLUS.

The small and mobile Aquamax KF Plus determines the water content by of direct injection easily and accurately.

The Aquamax KF PRO LPG measures the water content of gases according to ASTM D 7995 – 19 with up to 250 measurements within 48 h. The Aquamax KF PRO Oil is the best choice for water determination in oils according to ASTM D 6304.

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