Comprehensive water analysis - fully automated

The Top 3 Advantages

Non-stop titration: Exchange sample racks while your analysis continues uninterrupted


In perfect order: Dedicated work stations for different parameters


High throughput: analyze 175 samples completely unattended

pH-value, conductivity, and acid-base capacity without manual sample size adjustment

Multi-parameter analysis with automated sample size adjustment With OMINS Sample Robot, the required sample size is adjusted automatically.

No more time consuming manual work.

All you have do to is provide a minimum volume of sample in a beaker. The robotic arm of the OMNIS Sample Robot fetches the beaker from the sample rack and moves it to the work station. Here, the volume of the sample is automatically adjusted to the required size. During this adjustment, conductivity is already measured by flow-through.

Determination of pH and acid-base capacity: After the adjustment of the sample size, the pH electrode and the buret tip are immersed into the sample. pH is measured first, then the titrations for acid and base capacity are performed, respectively.

Exposing the sample to the ambient air is a challenge when measuring base capacity. While the sample is waiting on the rack to be analyzed, any exchange with the CO2 in the ambient air must be prevented. OMNIS takes care of this by covering the beakers with lids, which are automatically removed only immediately prior to the analysis.

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