Thermo Scientific™ Charged Aerosol Detectors: See what you've been missing - Hidden peaks revealed

The Top 3 Advantages

Sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response


Measures any non-volatile and semi-volatile analytes at sub-nanogram


Does not require a chromophore or ionization

A charged aerosol detector helps you see analytes that other technologies fail to detect

The problem with almost every other type of detector is that there is a bias. The bias might be that one analyte responds more than another or that mobile phase affects detection differently. A charged aerosol detector measures analyte charge that is in direct proportion to the amount of the analyte present.
Thermo Scientific™ charged aerosol detectors can be used with the most up-to-date liquid chromatography instruments to measure analytes that cannot be seen by UV and may not be readily detected with other detection techniques, including molecules without chromophores.

Features include:

  • Ability to detect non-volatile and many semi-volatile analytes
  • Consistent response independent of chemical structure
  • For HPLC and UHPLC
  • Compatibility with gradient conditions
  • Sub-nanogram sensitivity
  • Simple and straightforward implementation in any lab setting

This uncomplicated technique can both increase the efficiency of existing analytical operations and open up entirely new possibilities by exploiting a range of analytes unnoticed by other techniques.

  • HPLC detectors

  • UHPLC detectors

  • evaporative detectors

  • charged aerosol detectors

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