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High Performance TXRF Spectrometer for Ultra-Trace Element Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

The TXRF spectrometer S4 T-STAR offers lowest detection limits in the sub-ppb range


TXRF offers lowest operation costs and does not require gases, media or lab infrastructure


The system is optimized for 24/7 operation in industrial routine analysis

Rapid and Cost-efficient TXRF - an Alternative to ICP

The S4 T-STAR is a versatile tool for the analysis of a broad range of sample types including suspensions, powders, nanoparticles or films. This puts it ahead of ICP, which requires fully dissolved liquid samples.

The TXRF spectrometer provides a powerful solution for water, effluent, air and soil analysis for the recovery of a healthy environment; for example, environmental monitoring by direct measurement of contaminants in wastewater, slurries and effluents in the low ppb range. It accelerates biomedical research for tomorrow’s healthy society. The S4 T-STAR measures catalyzer elements in pharmaceutical research according to the values given by US and EU Pharmacopeia guidelines; for example, detection of sub-ppm catalyzer elements in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and additives.

TXRF is a powerful technology for food fraud prevention in globalized supply chains; for example, food safety according to FAO/WHO standards.

  • ultra-trace element analysis

  • air and soil analysis

  • biomedical research

  • effluent

  • food fraud prevention in globalized supply chains

  • pharmaceutical research

  • analytical systems

  • food safety

  • water

  • spectrometers

  • TXRF analysis

  • Total reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometer

  • high performance spectrometer

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