Battery Cyclers for Cell Characterization: Modularity, Performance and Flexibility

The Top 3 Advantages

Choose the module that suits your battery: +/-150mA, +/-1.5A or +/-15A max


Eight channels per module, optionally available with impedance spectroscopy


Experiment control, data view, modeling and analysis are all included in one package

High-precision cyclers equipped with measurement techniques that are often only found in research

This line of ultra-precise cyclers offers five current ranges, 18-bit current and voltage resolution, fast bandwidths (rise and fall times), intelligent sampling, interfaces to external devices and temperature probes, among many other high-end features. High accuracy and precision for both control and measurement enable you to perform sophisticated experiments such as dQ/dV or HPC (high-precision coulometry). In conjunction with EIS, the development of the parameters of your batteries can be precisely determined (SOC, SOH, internal resistance Ri). The included software is not just limited to controlling the battery cycler, but can manage every aspect of your experiment from start to finish, including control, advanced analysis and data export. It also ensures that all important battery parameters (e.g. capacity, energy, power, R_app etc.) are automatically processed and displayed directly on your screen.

  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

  • battery research

  • charge-discharge curves

  • cyclic voltammetry

  • high precision coulometry

  • battery cycler

  • battery tester

  • cell tester

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