SureSTART autosampler vials for all chromatography applications and budgets

The Top 3 Advantages

Sample security and low compound adsorption to keep your samples safe and secure


Three distinct performance levels to meet your price and performance needs


Complete instrument compatibility for all chromatography autosamplers

3 performance level: Easily select products suited to your analytical, performance or value needs

Simple items like vials and well plates have the potential to make or break your analytical results. The new, modernized Thermo Scientific SureSTART collection of vials, caps, well plates and mats, provides your valuable samples with the security and integrity they need to deliver excellent results. Because experiments, analytes, or budgets are different, SureSTART vials and closures are organized into three performance levels to provide you with the affordability, compatibility and performance you need:

Performance Level 1: Everyday applications to meet your daily chromatographic needs

Performance Level 2: High throughput analysis when robustness and reproducibility are key

Performance Level 3: High performance analysis when sensitivity and selectivity are a must

These vials and well plates are suitable for all vendors' HPLC/UHPLC or GC instruments. They are Specification Certified, and kits are either LC/GC Certified or MS Certified.

Get a sure start with these SureSTART products to obtain the performance, reproducibility, and accuracy of results you're looking for.

  • biopharmaceutical analysis

  • environmental analysis

  • pharmaceutical analysis

  • food and beverage analysis

  • industrial analysis

  • omics

  • chemical analysis

  • consumables

  • Chromatography Caps

  • Chromatography Vials

  • Chromatography Well Plates and Mats

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