FT-IR microscopy in the fast lane - the LUMOS II

The Top 3 Advantages

Our focus: highest data quality and measurement speed


Simple operating concept: users are trained in minutes


Smart sustainability: does not require any costly consumables

One infrared microscope for all

The LUMOS II is a reliable and user-friendly FT-IR microscope that is centered on intuitive operation. It delivers excellent visual and spectral data quality in transmission, reflection and ATR and is fully automated for maximum precision. Results at the click of a mouse – smart, clear, simple. It is the world's first IR microscope to offer high resolution without the need for costly liquid nitrogen cooling. On top of that, it can be equipped with Bruker's powerful, exclusive Focal-Plane Array (FPA) detector technology. This allows you to obtain detailed chemical images almost instantly. In addition to speed, this sustainable FT-IR microscope scores with intuitive data acquisition and processing. The LUMOS II is perfectly prepared for any application, whether in failure analysis, quality control, particle analysis, microplastics, plastics, polymers, biology, life sciences, electronics, automotive, surface analysis or pharmaceuticals. Our product video shows the LUMOS II FT-IR microscope in action.

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  • FT-IR microscopy

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