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Whatman filtration product guide by Cytiva

New filtration catalog - a wealth of information on 286 pages

Discover the perfect filters for your laboratory application

This filtration reference tool covers Cytiva’s broad range of filter papers, membrane filters, thimbles, filtration devices and laboratory essentials....

dissolution testing environmental testing filter papers +8
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Hahnemühle LifeScience Katalog Industrie & Labor by Hahnemühle

Wide variety of Filter Papers for all Laboratory and Industrial Applications

Filtration Solutions in the Life Sciences, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors

The LifeScience Catalogue presents a large selection of filter papers, extraction thimbles, blotting papers & special filtration products...

analytica blotting papers chromatography +24
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Whatman™ QM-C by Cytiva

Whatman QM-C quartz filter paper

High purity and high temperature resistance quartz filter paper for air particulate testing

Each batch comes with CoA and trace metal report including 27 metals ✓ Temperature resistance up to 1200°C ✓ Made of 100% high quality silica and from LEAN certified product lines ✓...

air monitoring air particulate testing filter papers +5
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Whatman™ folded filter papers by Cytiva

Whatman folded filter papers

Convenient folded formats speed up your sample preparation

Convenient stacking and packing options are available ✓ Quadrant: space saving; pyramid/cone: ready to go into the funnel; pleated: reduced filtration time ✓ Fast. Easy. Efficient ✓...

automation automations filter papers +8
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