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2060 Raman Analyzer by Metrohm

Self-calibrating inline Raman spectrometer

Analyze solids, liquids and gases - for reproducible, accurate results in the process

Automated self-calibration and self-monitoring for valid measurements 24/7 ✓ Maximized availability: Instant results and modern process communication interfaces ✓ Customized application development – including fluorescent samples and other challenges ✓...

biotechnology chemical analysis crystallization monitoring +14
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Process Guardian by analyticon instruments

Faster, more precise, just better - new Raman PAT spectrometer

State-of-the-art process Raman for chemical and pharmaceutical applications

Seconds instead of minutes - analyze time-critical applications faster f.e. biopharma downstream ✓ ppm measurements with Raman - thanks to outstanding signal quality ✓ Intrinsically safe installation possible in EX zone 0 - so much safety is required ✓...

biopharmaceutical manufacturing Bioprocess Control Chemical reaction monitoring +8

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