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DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps by Busch Vacuum Solutions

Efficient vacuum for the demanding processes

The latest generation of vacuum pumps with high liquid, vapor and particle tolerance

Robust: proven technology, high vapour and particle tolerance ✓ Compact: direct flange-mounted motor, no base frame required, integrated flow channel ✓ Flexible: application-oriented, stainless steel, ATEX certified version, chemical seal ✓...

chemical process engineering degassing liquid ring vacuum pumps +6
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Innovative vacuum technology down to 10-3 mbar

Oil-free, chemically resistant, durable

Discovering oil-free and sustainable vacuum pumps ✓ Measuring and controlling vacuum cleverly ✓ Aspirating liquids safely ✓...

analytica analytics aspiration systems +13
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MicroNIR PAT-L by analyticon instruments

New NIR transmission probe for reliable liquid analysis under adverse process conditions

Custom installation - even in EX zones - flexible choice of materials, sizes and flanges

Excellent process knowledge and process control ✓ Avoidance of faulty batches and plant-related incidents ✓ Cost reduction and increased efficiencies ✓...

analysis of free fatty acids distillation incoming inspection +5
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BUCHI CR-SYSTEM by C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik

Versatile chemical reactor system for your individual requirements - Discover the advantages of the innovative stirred reactor

Discover the Büchi CR-System stirred reactor (15 ... 250 liters) - a versatile chemical reactor system that can be used for agitation, extraction, pha...

concentration distillation homogenization +6
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Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser by Foss

Fully automated Kjeldahl analyser with advanced digital capabilities

Accurate results with fast turnaround time and easy data handling

Unmatched accuracy with colorimetric titration ✓ Safe and easy operations with SAfE mode ✓ The latest in automation technology saves hours every day ✓...

Colorimetric measuring instruments colorimetric titration Kjeldahl analyzer systems +6
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