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multi N/C x300 Serie by Analytik Jena

The TOC/TNb analyzer that really makes your work easier

Automated analyses without sample dilution, long-term stable calibration

Low deployment of staff due to one-year stable calibration and minimal maintenance effort ✓ Short familiarization period thanks to intuitive operation and proven software validation services ✓ Especially low wear and tear for particle-containing samples thanks to unique injection technologies ✓...

analytica biotechnology boiler feed water analysis +14
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LUMiFlector by LUM

Inline & Atline MRS Spectrometer for Determination of Product Properties within a Few Seconds

It determines fat, protein and dry matter content in milk and dairy products

4 product properties are at once in less than 20 sec, without chemicals and without sample preparation...

bioanalysis biotechnology concentration determination +24
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N-Realyzer by C. Gerhardt

Nitrogen and protein determination according to the Dumas method

Elemental analysis of a new generation

Intuitive user interface and automated process management ✓ Analysis of up to 100 samples in series for each sample matrix ✓ Quick replacement of consumables and easy maintenance ✓...

Dumas method elemental analysis elemental analyzers +12
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