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SER 158 Automatic Solvent Extractor by Velp Scientifica

Automatic hot solvent extractor for extractable matter determination on a wide range of samples

Safety and accuracy, combined with advanced software and cloud connection to maximize productivity

Minimum exposure to solvents with the SolventXpress technology for smart solvent dispensing ✓ Cloud-enabled and Easy-To-Use with the exclusive 7” ControlPad ✓ Unparalleled versatility and scalability thanks to a wide range of accessories and consumables ✓...

dioxins extraction systems fat-extraction-system +2
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UDK Series: Automatic and Semi-Automatic Distillation and Titration Units by Velp Scientifica

Kjeldahl analyzer for easy and accurate N/Protein determination

Wide range of distillation and titration units for the highest throughput and safety standards

Maximum safety and performance with the exclusive titanium condenser and patented steam generator ✓ Excellent usability with the 7" high resolution color touch screen multitasking software ✓ Upgradeable to autosampler for complete unsupervised analysis ✓...

Alcoholic Strength Determination distillation systems Kjeldahl analysis +5
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OXITEST Oxidation Stability Reactor by Velp Scientifica

Accelerated oxidation test for determining the oxidation stability of fats on the whole sample

Accurate results for Quality Control and R&D Labs in F&B, pharma, chemical and cosmetic samples

Representative results testing the whole sample ✓ Resistance and reliability thanks to the premium titanium parts ✓ Intuitive and powerful thanks to the OXISoft software that shows all the information at a glance ✓...

analytical systems oxidation-stability-reactors oxidation-stability-tests +2
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Hot plate stirrers by Velp Scientifica

Hot plate stirrers for a great range of applications, from basic to cloud-controlled ones

A complete range that features new standards for safety, efficiency, and ease of use

Constant RPM as viscosity changes thanks to the SpeedServo technology ✓ State-of-the-art stirring performance thanks to the brushless motor and Alnico Magnet ✓ Excellent temperature homogeneity, heat transfer and thermoregulation thanks to the Pt100 and VTF ✓...

hot plate stirrers hotplates laboratory hot plates +2
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OHS Series: Overhead Stirrers by Velp Scientifica

State-of-the-art stirring power for a wide range of applications

Reliable overhead stirrers for different requirements in terms of viscosity and volume

Superior stirring power with the brushless motor and SpeedServo technology ✓ Easy-to-use with the Smartchuck system that simplifies the shaft accommodation ✓ Extremely safe with an IP 54 protection rating ✓...

agitators laboratory equipment laboratory instruments +3
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FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer by Velp Scientifica

Automatic analyzer for crude and detergent fiber determination requiring minimum operator time

Safety and accuracy for fiber determination in feed, according to Weende and Van Soest methods

Consistent results thanks to the full automation in digestion, washing and filtration steps ✓ Improved productivity: only 2 minutes operator time thanks to Load&Go operations ✓ Cloud-enabled and Easy-To-Use with the 7” touchscreen display and the intuitive user interface ✓...

crude fibre analysis fibre analyses fibre analyzers
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