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alphaCART by WITec

Mobile Raman microspectroscopy: laboratory analysis directly on the object

Non-destructive analysis of large, immobile samples that do not fit under a microscope

Nondestructive analysis of large or precious samples that can’t be brought to a standard microscope ✓ Outstanding resolution and sensitivity for precise Raman characterization without compromise ✓ High confocality enables experiments through glass and in reaction chambers ✓...

analytica archaeology chemical analysis +16
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ParticleScout by WITec

Find particles automatically, classify them precisely and identify them easily with Raman microscopy

Accelerated and extremely precise analysis of microplastics, pharmaceutics and foods or beverages

ParticleScout for the WITec alpha300 series: Finding, classifying, quantifying and identifying microparticles is faster and easier than ever before....

environmental analysis environmental analytics food analytics +11
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alpha300 R by WITec

3D Raman microscopes with unequalled speed, sensitivity and resolution

Visualize and characterize every chemical detail

Only ultrasensitive WITec technology combines the highest spectral performance, speed and unrivaled 3D resolution in one instrument...

biomedicine chemical analysis confocal microscopes +14
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