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IPC Process-Center GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

IPC Process-Center is your partner for contract manufacturing of innovative granules and pellets. Our experienced staff produce your products on time and in reliable, consistent quality. Your satisfaction is our core mission. We offer flexible production planning and will always consider new ways of more

neochem gmbh, Germany

We are neither small and delicate nor large and inflexible. We are the right size for the distribution of speciality chemicals, and know where we want to be. We are a motivated young crew with an experienced Skipper to keep us on course. First class products and raw materials are providing plenty of more

HARKE Pharma GmbH, Germany

We are supplying Products for following uses and also offer technical support for the use of these products: Pharmaceutical Excipients for solid dosage forms, Pharmaceutical Starting Materials, Active Ingredients, Health and Functional Food Ingredients, Food Food Additives. Dietetic Food Ingredient more

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Mira P – a breakthrough in raw materials inspection

Verifying the identity of raw materials in seconds ✓ Handheld device for in situ analysis, e.g. in the warehouse ✓ Clear pass/fail results at the touch of a screen more

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Mira P – a breakthrough in raw materials inspection

Mira P is the new handheld Raman spectrometer from Metrohm for fast, non-destructive identification and verification of raw materials of all kinds, e.g, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or raw materials for the chemical industry. Mira P is barely larger than a smartphone and is very robust ( more

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The Periodic Table of Endangered Elements

Not all of the elements in the periodic table are plentiful. While we will not ever truly run out of an element, some are considered endangered in the sense that in the future they may be too spread out and costly to extract. This table, made in collaboration with the American Chemical Society’s Gre more


Raw material

Raw material A raw material is something that is acted upon by human labour or industry to create some product that humans desire. Often the term is used to denote material that came from nature and is still in a unprocessed or minimally processe ... more


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