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Institute of Biochemistry

Mokslininky 12
08662 Vilnius

Short description

The Institute of Biochemistry was established by the Presidium of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences on November 23, 1966, decision No. 470, effective from January 1, 1967. This decision provided such main directions of research at the Institute: "modeling and studies of enzyme structure; synthesis of artificial biocatalysts and mutagenous materials in an effort to create mutagenous microorganisms, which produce specific enzymes and biomass for cattle-breeding; synthesis of cytotoxic chemical materials and studies of their influence on the cell; synthesis of proteins, amino acids and vitamins from nutrition and technical waste sources - studies of chemical and microbiological processes". While establishing the Institute, the Presidium of the Academy appointed its first leaders: Liuda Rasteikiene - Director, Pranas Sadauskas - Deputy Director for Research, and Vytautas Bieksa - Scientific Secretary. The Institute started at the premises of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (ChChTI), currently at A. Gostauto St. No. 9.

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