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Zentrums für Flachmeer-, Küsten- und Meeresumweltforschung e.V. - Forschungszentrum TERRAMARE

Schleusenstrasse 1
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Short description

Regional efforts and financial support by the Federal State of Lower Saxony led to the founding of the "Centre for Research on Shallow seas, Coastal Regions and the Marine Environment - TERRAMARE Research Centre". The centre started working in September 1991. The present staff consist of 12 employees in permanent and in an annual average about further 15 in temporary positions to carry out the tasks of the centre. The building in Wilhelmshaven, which also harbors the Marine Station of the University of Oldenburg, and the one in Oldenburg for the Institute for Marine Chemistry and Biology (ICBM) have been under construction for TERRAMARE. Work on the shell of the new buildings started in May 1992, in mid-1994 both buildings were completed. Since then there are in Oldenburg further 1 300 m² and in Wilhelmshaven 1 600 m² usable floor space for marine research. The labs in Wilhelmshaven are especially designed for biological, geological and chemical work. On the one hand, traditional disciplines, as pursued by the Senckenberg-Institute, for example, are strengthened in their possibilities. On the other hand there is, besides Oldenburg, an additional well equipped site for the in the beginning 1990's newly established main focus on geochemistry/marine chemistry. The offer to use the laboratories for university courses is directed at inland universities as well, which can teach their students marine research at TERRAMARE. The Research Centre offers spaces used by member facilities and additional labs for university courses and visiting researchers as well as six apartments*) and student lodgings.

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