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Campro Scientific GmbH, Germany

Campro Scientific is a research-oriented company specialized in supporting the needs of the scientific research community with an abundant variety of high quality radioisotopes, stable isotopes biochemicals & research chemicals, chemical standards and NMR products. more

HEKAtech GmbH, Germany

Your Competent Partner for Elemental Analysis. Our products are elemental analyser, CHNS analyser, oxygen analyser, nitrogen analyser,protein analyser, TC- TGA- IC analyser and more. The most advanced instrumentation technology guarantees the most accurate results, highest productivity and lowest op more

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Reliable determination of stable isotopes

Users in stable isotope analysis daily meet new challenges. Application-oriented solutions are the key to an effective way of working more

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  • Geologists identify sources of greenhouse gas, in Ohio, Colorado and Texas

    Researchers from the University of Cincinnati recently studied the sources of methane at three sites across the nation in order to better understand this greenhouse gas, which is much more potent at trapping heat in the atmosphere than is carbon dioxide. The UC team, led by Amy Townsend-Small, assis more

  • Carbon capture has a sparkling future

    New research shows that for millions of years carbon dioxide has been stored safely and naturally in underground water in gas fields saturated with the greenhouse gas. The findings bring carbon capture and storage a step closer. Politicians are committed to cutting levels of atmospheric carbon diox more

  • U of T technique put to use to test clean up of contaminated groundwater

    Cleaning up the dangerous contaminants — dry-cleaning fluids, solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons — found in underground water presents one of the most urgent challenges facing environmental science. A report issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sheds light on a new way to monito more

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