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  • Saltigo focuses on palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

    Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions have become an important cornerstone of modern organic synthesis chemistry. They have made a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, natural substances and other complex organic molecules economically accessible. The award of this year's Nobel more

  • Simple, scalable and aqueous method for synthesising nanoparticles

    Metal nanoparticles that can catalyse organic reactions in water can be made using polyelectrolyte nanoreactors, claim scientists. Thanks to their ionisable functional groups, polyelectrolytes can change their conformation in water. When there are few other ions in the solution, the chains stretch more

  • The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010 given to three scientists

    Organic chemistry has developed into an art form where scientists produce marvelous chemical creations in their test tubes. Mankind benefits from this in the form of medicines, ever-more precise electronics and advanced technological materials. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010 awards one of the mos more

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