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Thermal Oxidizers

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ARVOS GmbH, Germany

Founded in Kassel in 1910 under the name Schmidt’sche Heissdampf-Gesellschaft mbH the company is a internationally leading supplier of high-temperature/ high-pressure heat transfer systems to the chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries. ALSTOM Power Energy Recovery GmbH develops and man more

KBA-MetalPrint GmbH, Germany

KBA-CleanAir is the brand name for air purification systems of KBA-MetalPrint (formerly LTG Mailänder) for all solvent, VOC or odour applications. Our product range includes catalytic, thermal and regenerative oxidisers as well as concentrator systems and secondary heat recovery. KBA-CleanAir also p more

Dürr Systems AG, Germany

Environmental and Energy Systems, a division of the Dürr Group, is a manufacturer of over 4,000 air purification systems worldwide. The success factors include technological competence, special industry solutions and direct presence in important markets. Dürr offers all key technical procedures of a more

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