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Single Molecule Spectroscopy of Amino Acids and Peptides by Recognition Tunneling

Stuart Lindsay, ASU Regents Professor, Director of the Biodesign Institute Center for Single Molecule Biophysics, Edward and Nadine Carson Presidential Chair in Physics

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    New research advances clean energy solutions

    Meeting society’s growing energy needs has become a daunting challenge for humanity. Demands for energy are expected to nearly double by the year 2050, while the effects of climate change, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, are already wreaking havoc in the form of droughts, wildfires, ... more

    Extracting clean fuel from sunlight

    Securing enough energy to meet human needs is one of the greatest challenges society has ever faced. Previously reliable sources--oil, gas and coal--are degrading air quality, devastating land and ocean and altering the fragile balance of the global climate, through the release of CO2 and o ... more

    Key mysteries of spider silk unraveled

    Scientists at ASU are celebrating their recent success on the path to understanding what makes the fiber that spiders spin - weight for weight - at least five times as strong as steel. One of the fundamental mysteries of spider silk which has limited scientists' ability to produce artificia ... more

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