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Lanco S.A., Uruguay


C.E. Roeper GmbH, Germany


Costenoble GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

Costenoble has been an internationally renowned manufacturer and a reputable trading house of chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals for over half a century. more

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  • Catalyst transforms plastic waste to valuable ingredients at low temperature

    For the first time, researchers have used a novel catalyst process to recycle a type of plastic found in everything from grocery bags and food packaging to toys and electronics into liquid fuels and wax. "Plastics are essential materials for our life because they bring safety and hygiene to our soci more

  • Clariant breaks ground on joint venture production site in China

    Clariant and Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd. (Tiangang), conducted a groundbreaking ceremony in Cangzhou (China), just over 200 km south of Beijing. The ceremony marked the start of the construction of a world-class production facility for stabilizers for plastics and textiles that will form th more

  • Semiliquid chains pulled out of a sea of microparticles

    An electrode brought to the surface of a liquid that contains microparticles can be used to pull out surprisingly long chains of particles. Curiously enough, the particles in the chains are held together by a thin layer of liquid that covers them. This spectacular phenomenon, discovered with the inv more

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The Chemistry of Mummification

Mummies are, perhaps, the easiest go-to costume for Halloween: grab some bandages, drape yourself in them, and job done. However, there’s a little more behind the traditional embalming process used in Ancient Egypt, as well as a surprising amount of chemistry. Here we take a look at the chemicals us more

Cosmetic Chemistry

Lipstick is one of the most commonly used cosmetic products – and a range of chemicals are required for its production. The choice of these ingredients is carefully considered to provide the desired colour, glossiness, and indelibility. A single stick of lipstick will contain several hundred differe more



Wax Wax has traditionally referred to a substance that is secreted by bee s (beeswax ) and used by them in constructing their honeycomb s. It is an imprecisely defined term generally understood to be a substance with properties similar to bee ... more


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