Rainer Stützel (BEKO TECHNOLOGIES) and VOCATO Köln

Food Safety Utilising Pure Compressed Air

Compressed air – An underestimated coefficient for safe food

A tour around companies in the food and beverage industry clearly indicates the extensive use of compressed air and therefore its importance for the manufacturing process.

Compressed air is used, among other things, as a transport medium for powdery substances or for the evaporation of liquids and frequently comes into direct contact with the food. Increased care and attention is thereby imperative.

Contamination in the compressed air caused by micro-organisms, mineral oils, oils or particles can contaminate the end product and cause enormous decreases in quality levels.
Continuous compressed air treatment and processing reduces this risk and is an important factor for a qualitative high-grade product - to protect the consumer.

Facts, background information, dossiers
  • compressed air quality
  • ISO 8573-1:2010
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  • compressed air systems