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Applications of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry for Atomic Layer Deposition

The performance and reliability of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (QMS) Systems has improved significantly over the last few years, and as such, employed extensively in a range of semiconductor manufacturing applications as Residual Gas Analysers (RGA).

Today, RGA systems are widely used to monitor, optimize, and control different vacuum-based processes. New innovations in RGA technology and products are providing significant analytical benefit that enable optimization and monitoring for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) processes.

Noteworthy developments include improved sensitivity, detection limits, and robustness of the QMS (RGA) systems.

In this article, we will present solutions for improved ion source technology and system robustness along with specific requirements and solutions for QMS (RGA) applications for Thermal ALD and Plasma Enhanced (PE) ALD processes.

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