Carl W. Sims, David Wert, Quan Liu, Jeremy Hayes, Saba Jazeeli

High Efficiency, Constant Performance HPLC Degassing

In-line vacuum degassing control method characterizes the film degasser’s efficiency at various applied vacuum levels

A new way to control the efficiency of a novel high-performance flat film vacuum degasser has been developed which addresses some limitations of the current single setpoint vacuum approach to HPLC degassing. This method minimizes the pervaporation of solvents into the laboratory atmosphere and reduces concentration changes due to pervaporation while maintaining the same efficiency throughout the HPLC flow rate range. IDEX Health & Science introduces both a new high efficiency flat film degasser and a vacuum control method for HPLC flow rates from microliters per minute through milliliters per minute at a constant degassing efficiency.

With this approach a characterization of the flat film degasser at various vacuum levels and flow rates produces a data set from which any particular performance curve can be derived. This data set allows complete control over the efficiency of the degasser, such that the degasser can be optimized for any flow rate within the vacuum range of the pump. From efficiency vs. applied vacuum for the various flow rates, the formula for the curve associated with each flow rate is obtained. From this, for any desired efficiency determined, a curve or set of curves is plotted for flow rate vs. efficiency.

You will see in the white paper how this next generation control methodology enhances the user experience and provides the link between physics and chemistry gas laws to the HPLC method & in turn to the system degasser vacuum level.

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