An introduction to the agglomeration of the particle using Taylor Flow

With the Taylor Flow, it is easy to control the size, morphology and uniform particle distribution!

Latest technology for the agglomeration! The Taylor Reactor, utilizing the transit flow area between Laminar and Turbulence called ‘Taylor Flow’, can overcome the challenges that Tank and Tubular type reactors face during the development and mass production and has a lot of advantages as follows:
2. Increase the recovery rate
3. Control the particle size and shape
4. Uniform particle size distribution
5. Ease of scale up
6. Precision temperature control
7. Smaller required space than conventional reactors
8. Ease of operation
Throughout this whitepaper, you can find the results of the experiment with AP(Ammonium Perchlorate) under the cooling crystallization and discover how to control particles in terms of size, morphology and uniformity.

Facts, background information, dossiers
  • scale-up
  • batch
  • battery
  • cstr
  • nano
  • pfr
  • pharmaceuticals
  • tank reactor
  • taylor flow
  • taylor reactor
  • uniformity
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