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dichrom - formerly SeQuant GmbH – is concentrating on the distribution and support of high quality products for liquid chromatography synthesis and isolation. The personal and individual customer support is of substantial importance for dichrom. Here a competent and comprehensive product and application advisory service as well as method development and scientific customer training are fundamental parts of dichrom´s philosophy. The portfolio covers the whole area of NP- and RP-chromatography, IEX, SEC as well as HILIC and chiral chromatography. The instrument line completes the possibilities especially for the preparative HPLC, Flash-chromatography and LAESI-MS. New products for LC-MS, CE, Proteomics und Genomics complete the product portfolio. Together with the partners Armen Instrument, Chromanik, Fortis Technologies, Kromasil, Lumex, Merck SeQuant AB, Optimize Technologies, Protea Biosciences, Sepax and SiliCycle exists a complete product assortment for all chromatographic requests.

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    1. International Kromasil®-Day Chromatography Forum

    Without the method of reversed-phase chromatography life would not be the same in many areas as e.g. chemistry, pharmacy, food and environmental analysis. Here the number of applications is proportional to the large variety of different reversed-phase selectivities. The distinction between ... more

    SeQuant GmbH starts distribution activities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

    As a new business company in the area of distribution and support of chromatography products SeQuant GmbH starts its business venture April 1st 2005. SeQuant GmbH activities will be concentrated on the complete product portfolio of SeQuant AB, Sweden (ZIC®-HILIC, ZIC®-pHILIC) as well as the ... more

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